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Excellence for All

Enthusing, inspiring, engaging, every lesson, every day

Windsor High School
and Sixth Form
  • Welcome to Windsor 3
  • The Windsor Way 4
  • Support and Guidance 6
  • Curriculum and Extra-Curricular 8
  • Physical Education, Dance and School Sport 10
  • Technology and Arts 12
  • Student Leadership 14
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme 16
  • Careers, Work Related Learning and Enterprise 17
  • Primary Links 18
  • Windsor Sixth Form and Business Centre 20
  • Windsor Academy Trust 22

Welcome to


We are a school committed to delivering the very best education for all of our students. This can be seen in our school motto “Excellence for All”, that applies equally to our twin objectives of academic success, extra-curricular and enrichment provision.

We are a school built on traditional values. Our ethos and beliefs are evident in “The Windsor Way”. This is a charter committed to by our whole school community and celebrates the twin tenets of respect and responsibility. Our active House system underlines these traits every day.

Our pastoral structure is based on vertical House teams led by a Head of House. As well as allowing healthy competition between students, regular House assemblies focus on raising aspirations, developing physical and mental well being and spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness.

We are proud of our track record of success for our students. It has been the result of close collaborative relationships between staff, students and parents. Our students have taken on the responsibility of developing a set of core characteristics, attributes and behaviours instrumental to their success as learners. Student leadership plays a central part in the growth of our school.

I hope after reading this prospectus, you will be inspired to visit Windsor High School and Sixth Form and see what we have to offer.

Mr S R Lanckham

The Windsor Way

Building Character and Sharing Success

Windsor Academy Trust’s moral purpose is to unlock students’ academic and personal potential. We strive for our students to have a love of learning, be successful learners and gain the knowledge, skills and attributes to be successful in the world of work. Equally we endeavour for our students to be good human beings, with a sense of purpose and character enabling them to flourish in life. Windsor Academy Trust has a record of success. Crucial to our success is a core set of values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. Our students, teachers, support staff and parents understand, support and practise these values. Daily interaction between and amongst members of our community are based on these beliefs and have become a natural part of what we do and how we do it.

We aim: “to nurture a culture of respect and responsibility for oneself and for others”.

Here is how we live together at Windsor Academy Trust; we value and practise respect and responsibility.


  • for myself, other students and all adults, regardless of background, ethnicity, age, gender, ability, values, lifestyles, opinions or interests
  • for the property of the individual, group and school
  • by using language that is not offensive or abusive to others
  • by being open, honest, friendly, and accepting of others
  • by sharing ideas and opinions openly and thoughtfully


  • for controlling my own language and behaviour
  • for resolving conflicts and disagreements in a cooperative and peaceful way
  • for completing all work to the best of my ability
  • for asking for support and help when I need it and helping others when they need it
  • for ensuring my own physical and emotional well-being
  • for creating my own success and being resilient in the face of challenge
  • to approach all I do with a positive attitude
  • to see failure as a form of helpful feedback for future growth
  • to follow my dreams no matter what challenges I am faced with

Support and Guidance

Heads of House and Pastoral Care

Each House is the responsibility of the Head of House who works with a large team including Director of Upper School, an Assistant Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher in charge of Student Services in overseeing all aspects of your child’s progress at Windsor.

The Head of House leads a team of Form Tutors and they are aided by a Pastoral Manager. At times, students may have difficulties and concerns that require more specialist support. In order to cater for the needs of these students we liaise with a wide number of external agencies.

Should a parent have any concerns about their child, contact should be made initially with the Form Tutor or the Head of House.

Looking after your child

At Windsor, everybody cares. In a large community, caring about the needs of the individual is essential to ensure happiness and success. The ethos of our school is that of a self-regulating community where we have a responsibility to look after ourselves and others.


The Windsor House System

The House system also provides students with the opportunity to participate collectively in a wide range of activities. We are able to offer students a whole range of competitions, which include sports, quizzes, talent competitions, charity work and many more; in Year 7 this has included Football, Rugby, Dodgeball, Bench Ball, Hockey, Netball, Cross-Country, Rounders, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Athletics, Dance, Chess, a Bake-Off, Resistant Materials, Art and Graphics challenges and various library quizzes.

The PE Faculty hold termly inter-house events themed by the sports they have been practising each term. This wide selection has ensured that every student in Year 7 represents their House in one way or another and offers them new opportunities that they might pursue in the future.

All of the competitions count towards identifying the “House of the Year”. Throughout the school year we take the opportunity to celebrate the many successes and triumphs. We regularly celebrate successes and achievements in House assemblies and via the weekly “Newsletter”. The response from our students to the Windsor House System has been outstanding and we continue to build on the standards and achievements of previous years.

Curriculum and Extra-Curricular

The curriculum at Windsor is broad, balanced, stimulating and engaging, offering personalised opportunities for all students. Our curriculum builds on learning experiences at primary school working towards the mastery of skills, knowledge and understanding that prepares students for their examination courses. We aim to foster a love of learning, stimulate curiosity, develop creativity and enthuse and engage so our students become lifelong learners.

The WAT Pledge

At Windsor High School and Sixth Form we endeavour to stretch, challenge and develop students academically, socially and personally. Therefore we pledge to offer and expose all students to the following opportunities in order for them to become more successful in life.

  • Become a first aider
  • Take part in a residential
  • Take part/perform in a musical or sporting event/activity
  • Visit an historical establishment
  • Raise money for charity
  • Visit a theatre/museum
  • Sleep under the stars
  • Visit a Higher Education establishment
  • Visit the sea
  • Present to more than 30 people
  • Take part in a Duke of Edinburgh style expedition
  • Take part in a work-based experience

A range of teaching and engagement strategies are employed throughout the curriculum. Students are grouped to maximise learning. For some subjects students are grouped by ability; in other subjects students are
taught in mixed ability groups.

The essence of Windsor’s curriculum is to develop both student knowledge and understanding but also shape and grow the personal and thinking skills which will make students rounded confident individuals and life-long learners, able to apply their study through whatever pathways they choose through life.

Naturally, emphasis is placed on students showing initiative and resilience, working together and knowing where and how to prepare and work with others, lead others or work independently. These skills are developed across the curriculum using a range of resources which vary from textbooks and a well-stocked learning resource centre, to the use of technology to compliment the personalised curriculum. Interactive whiteboards and PC access are standard and learning resources such as online blogs are used to develop and assess student skills.

Other tools include the use of Google Drive and Google Classroom where access to classroom resources and learning support are available from school and home. Our curriculum provision is constantly reviewed and our aim is to provide a world class learning experience which achieves excellence for all.

Subjects Studied at Key Stage 3 (Years 7 – 9)

All students follow the National Curriculum delivered through lessons in:

  • Art
  • Computing
  • Drama
  • English
  • French, German or Spanish
  • Geography
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Physical Education
    (including Dance)
  • Religious Education
  • Science
  • Technology

 The personal development programme covers a range of aspects including:

  • Careers Education Information and Guidance
  • Citizenship
  • Health and Staying Safe
  • Personal and Social Education
  • Understanding life in modern Britain
  • Sex and Relationships Education
  • Work related learning and Enterprise Education

We deliver our personal development programme in lesson time, across the curriculum and in special sessions and dedicated alternative curriculum days.

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 – 11)

All students have curriculum provision in:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Physical Education 

 In addition students may also choose from the following examination courses:


  • Ancient History
  • Art and Design
  • Business Studies
  • Computing
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Food and Nutrition
  • French
  • Geography
  • German
  • Graphics Communications
  • Health and Social Care
  • Media Studies
  • Modern World History
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Religious Studies
  • Spanish
  • Statistics
  • Technology


  • Business Level 2
  • City and Guilds Level 2 Certificate for IT Users (QCF)
  • Sport
  • Travel and Tourism


Students are entered for examinations without charge for those examinations relating to courses taught in school. Students are entered for all examinations or other forms of assessment related to each student’s personalised learning pathway.


At Windsor High School and Sixth Form students will have the chance to experience and take part in a plethora of extra-curricular and enrichment activities. There are over 100 enrichment opportunities per week that occur before school, at lunchtime, after school and at the weekends. Aspiring to be a part of this provision will allow students to develop important life skills such as time management, resilience and commitment. Our evidence shows that this commitment to extra-curricular provision leads to increased self esteem and supports our students to develop relationships and prepares them for their next steps in life.

Physical Education,
Dance and School Sport

Physical Education, Dance and School Sport are of paramount importance at Windsor. The PE curriculum is broad and varied and is supported by an extensive extra-curricular programme led by specialist PE staff and external coaches.


The aims of the Faculty are to offer a wide range of activities to students in order to develop skills, self-esteem, confidence, self-expression, creativity and leadership skills. We educate students on the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle and encourage lifelong participation in sporting activities.


All students participate in Physical Education lessons in Years 7-11, there is also an extensive physical activity programme in the Sixth Form including opportunity for competitive sport. The Faculty offers a wide range of activities including gymnastics, dance, games, fitness, athletics and outdoor and adventurous activities. In addition students in Key Stages 4 and 5 have the opportunity to study examinations in the following areas: GCSE PE, GCSE Dance, BTEC Sport, A Level PE and Cambridge National in Sport.


PE and Dance facilities are outstanding, providing many specialist areas for students to work in, ensuring they have the best experience possible in a range of activities. Facilities include a four badminton court sports hall, a state of the art fitness suite, a full size astroturf pitch, a specialist dance studio, two gymnasiums, a football pitch and a rugby pitch.


The extra-curricular programme encompasses a wide range of activities which are delivered before school, at lunch times and after school. There are opportunities for students to compete and perform in local, regional and national competitions and to participate in sporting activities at a recreational level. The Faculty seeks to provide opportunities to engage all students and has utilised the expertise of specialist coaches to offer students golf, rowing and kick boxing. In addition, competitive sports teams are offered in football, netball, hockey, rugby, basketball, gymnastics, volleyball, badminton, handball, rounders, cricket, athletics and tennis.

Specialist Dance staff offer an expansive range of opportunities for students to develop their dance techniques through a number of extra-curricular opportunities. These focus on different genres including Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Urban and Break Dance.

Windsor is very proud of its House system and students have a range of opportunities to compete for their House in sporting activities which are organised and officiated by our House Seniors. These are young people in Year 10 who have committed to developing their leadership skills and utilising these to the benefit of others.

Students who have a particular talent in sport and dance are supported through a variety of programmes designed to assist students in managing their training, competition and school work. Specialist sessions designed to educate students in nutrition, sports psychology and training are run alongside a mentoring programme.

Wider Role

The School Games Organiser for South Dudley is employed at the school and actively promotes pathways for students across secondary and primary phases to participate in physical activity and to compete in a range of activities. We have good links with a range of primary schools providing specialist support for Physical Education lessons and a range of competitive festivals run throughout the year.

The Faculty continues to deliver workshops and training for others on a regional and national level, they have achieved the Gold School Games Mark and are a lead school for student leadership for the Youth Sports Trust.

Technology and Arts

Music, Art, Product Design, Food Preparation and Nutrition, Graphics and Health and Social Care, Drama.

We want our students to have a broad and balanced experience of Technology and Arts and follow a curriculum which stimulates a lasting enjoyment and interest in the subjects as well as providing skills for life.


The aim is to foster aesthetic awareness, develop creativity in individuals and celebrate and share achievements in Technology and Arts. Through these subjects, students can build self-esteem and self-expression.

We actively work with our local community in promoting technology and the arts, to increase students’ understanding of diverse cultural tradition and to encourage collaborative and cooperative working methods.


The Arts are taught in KS3 on a half termly (year 7 and 9) or termly (year 8) rotation so all students attend lessons in Art, Music and Drama. In Technology at KS3 students will receive a term of each subject – Graphics, Product Design and Food Preparation and Nutrition.

In addition, students in Key Stages 4 and 5 have the opportunity to study examinations in the following areas: GCSE Art, Music, Drama, Graphics, Product Design and Food Preparation and Nutrition or a BTEC in Health and Social Care.


Technology and Arts facilities are specialist areas for students to work in, ensuring they have the best experience possible in a range of creative subjects. Facilities include 2 music rooms, 3 music practice rooms and a music technology room, 3 art rooms and a Sixth Form art studio, 2 product design workshops, 2 graphics rooms and a food room.


The extra-curricular programme in Technology and Arts is vast and encompasses a wide range of activities for all year groups including:

Music: Symphonic Orchestra, Choir, String Ensemble, Music Technology Club, GCSE Support Club, Boys Vocal Group, Brass Ensemble, Keyboard Club, Music Theory Club, Woodwind Ensemble, Band Surgery, Gifted and Talented Vocal Group, Gifted and Talented Composition Group, African Drumming Group, Music Leaders Club

Technology (Product Design, Food, Nutrition and Cooking and Graphics): Photoshop Skills Club, Product Design and Make Club, The Great Windsor bake off, GCSE Support Club, GCSE Graphics Club, Windsor Design Agency

Drama: KS3 Drama Club, KS4 Drama Club, GCSE Drama support

Art: KS3 Art Club, Year 7 and 8 Gifted and Talented Club, Year 9 and 10 Art Leaders Club, KS4 Art Club, KS5 Art Club, KS5 Mentoring of KS4 Art Students

Enrichment opportunities include

School Production, Theatre Trips, School Plays, Music Recital Evening, Technology and Arts Summer Showcase, Windsor Academy Trust Music Concert, Christmas Carol Concert, The Art and Graphics Exhibition, Technology and Arts Master classes, Graphics Sixth Form University Trip, Art Attack Week.

Wider Role

Windsor’s Technology and Arts students have a long history of performing, creating and working in the local community. These include events such as the annual Christmas tree illuminations in Halesowen and local festivals and events.

They also regularly make items in Technology, Graphics and Art to sell for charity again at local events. The Windsor Design Agency produces work which is used in the local area and newspapers. Student performers and leaders have also performed and led workshops in local schools and schools within the Windsor Academy Trust.

Technology and Arts Student Leadership

Technology and Arts students can also get involved in the student leadership programme. They initially apply to become a leader and then commit to supporting and leading at various clubs and events across the faculty. They learn a variety of leadership skills within the Technology and Arts subject areas. They also lead House competitions and whole school Art/Graphic projects.

Student Leadership

Student Leadership “Developing tomorrow’s leaders today”

Student leadership is important in unlocking students’ academic and personal potential. Leadership is central to everything we do and we encourage our students to be leaders ‘always in all ways’. As a result of our cutting edge, innovative and extensive developments our student leadership work has earned a national and international reputation.

Students have a voice and undertake leadership at all levels in school and the community. We start by enabling students to be leaders of themselves and then progress onto leadership at classroom, subject, house, school, community and national levels.

Through the substantial leadership opportunities, students develop their sense of self-worth, build their character, develop important life and employability skills, learn to grow relationships and collaborate with others; they develop a sense of purpose that enables them to think beyond themselves and make a difference for others.

The ASPIRE programme lies at the heart of student leadership developments.

All students are expected to take responsibility for themselves and their learning by ‘living’ the behaviours associated with each letter of ASPIRE. Students undertake an ASPIRE self-review to build self-awareness and take positive action to be the best learners they can be. One hundred House Senators work with their tutor groups to encourage students to ASPIRE. A team of twenty School Senators, led by the Head Boy and Head Girl, undertake observations of learners in lessons and work with staff to drive forward school wide improvements in students’ ASPIRE behaviours for learning.

The School Senate also acts as a ‘student voice’ body, listening to the perspectives of all students and working alongside staff to take positive actions to improve all aspects of school life.

Students have the opportunity to undertake leadership roles in subjects and extra-curricular activities that are aligned with their strengths, passions and interests. Sports leadership is well developed at Windsor; all students are given the opportunity to gain experience of organising and leading others within Physical Education lessons. Sports leaders engage in a wide variety of roles, including coaching and officiating in school extra-curricular clubs, competitions and festivals. Sports leaders play a critical role in supporting School Sport in many local primary schools.

All subjects in school have Learning Leaders. Students assist in lessons, mentor younger students, deliver enrichment activities and act as ambassadors for subjects. Committed leaders throughout the year are selected to be part of the Windsor Sports Academy. These students are integral in supporting local, regional and national competitions.

Students in Year 11 who have demonstrated leadership qualities throughout their time at Windsor High School and Sixth Form have the chance to become Prefects and/or Senior Prefects and Ambassadors. These students play a significant part in the day to day running of the school and are highly respected by staff and students.

Sixth Form students become accomplished leaders by undertaking a variety of roles within the Sixth Form, main school, local primary schools and the wider community. They achieve this through a diverse range of roles including Sixth Form Ambassadors, Student Union membership and working as mentors or coaches.

Student leadership is a key part of the Windsor experience and a key driver in enabling students to be the best learners and become successful in their chosen path.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme has been delivered at Windsor High School and Sixth Form for many years. It is a nationally recognised award that perfectly illustrates the school’s commitment to offer high quality extra-curricular provision to complement excellent academic attainment.

The components of the award also reflect the school’s desire to equip students with relevant life skills that will also serve them well as they make their way toward Higher Education and employment.

The school offers Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. Students from Years 10-12 volunteer to take on the challenges posed by the different aspects of this award.

The award is achieved by completing a personal programme of activities in four sections (five if you’re going for Gold) - volunteering, physical, skills, expedition and for Gold, a residential.

Students are encouraged to develop an enterprising spirit, and discover and take action towards their career dreams.

Careers, Work Related Learning and Enterprise

Windsor High School and Sixth Form is committed to providing a programme of careers education and information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) for all students in Years 7 – 13 to support transition and help every student be successful in their next stage of education, training and employment.

The Careers, Work Related Learning and Enterprise work to provide our students with the tools and opportunities to aspire.

Our students begin their careers education in Year 7 and work through a careers programme. Enterprise skills are also developed through the ASPIRE tutor programme and have been embedded within each subject area across the school. This helps students learn about and reflect on the world of work. We stress the importance of informed choice and provide impartial CEIAG at all times throughout a student’s time at Windsor. We inform our students about the different career pathways available and help them make sound, informed choices at key milestones in Year 9, 11 and 13. Moreover, each year, through our Windsor Enterprise Journey, students learn specific enterprising skills linked to each subject area during lesson time. Also, there are opportunities to visit employers or attend seminars from different organisations focusing on particular careers and the qualifications, skills and attributes required. In KS4 we prepare our students for the transition to further education, with guidance on interviews and support in how to write applications.

Our Partners - Impartial Post 16 and 18 Advice

We work closely with our local partner organisations that provide impartial advice to all our students. Students are given the opportunity to participate in a careers interview to provide guidance on their future, to inform and to support in the application process.

Work Experience

Work experience is compulsory in Year 12 as part of an extensive KS5 CEIAG programme. It serves as a taster to the world of work in areas of particular interest to our students. Placements are wide-ranging and include local primary schools, veterinary practices, theatre companies, solicitors, hospitals, accountancy firms, retail, manufacturing and sports and leisure.

At KS4 we encourage our students to participate in work experience placements whether this be during school holidays or as part of our Activities week in July. We provide a database of employers and provide support to our students and parents on how to make the most of a work experience placement.


The Windsor Enterprise Journey engages KS3 and KS4 students in enterprise experiences that build 21st Century employability skills, develop leadership potential and provide opportunities for collaboration with a range of businesses. Enterprise challenges take place across a wide range of settings including the school, Windsor Business Centre, local business and universities and prepare students for success in the world of work for the future.

Primary Links

Windsor High School and Sixth Form sits at the heart of our community.

Collaboration and cooperation with primary schools is critically important to us. We aim to develop a seamless learning journey for children in our community from the age of two to nineteen.

As a member of the Halesowen Township Learning Community we work closely with our partner primary schools ensuring numerous opportunities for both staff and children to collaborate, learn together and grow together. Windsor staff regularly visit a wide range of primary schools in order to learn more about the children who will transfer at the end of Year 6; this information is used to assist with the whole transition process.

Transition from primary to secondary school can be daunting for many Year 6 children. Our ‘Secondary Ready’ programme is extensive, deploying Year 7 students from Windsor, throughout the summer term, into the primary school that they attended to work alongside Year 6 children, introducing them to ‘The Windsor Way’, ASPIRE and to prepare them for life at Windsor. We also offer a full day of transition with the opportunity for parents to also attend a transition evening in July.

Year 6 children with the potential to achieve ‘Mastery Level’ in English and Maths have the opportunity to attend ‘Mastery Morning’ at Windsor, where they undertake English and Maths lessons taught by specialists from Windsor to help accelerate their progress. We also have numerous Windsor Sixth Form students who dedicate their Enrichment time on a Wednesday afternoon to mentoring Year 5 and 6 children in primary schools in reading and Maths.

There are numerous other opportunities for children from Windsor and the local primary schools to work alongside each other through a variety of events in curriculum time and an array of extra-curricular activities, festivals and competitions. These activities have dual impact: they provide role models, raise aspirations and support the learning of the primary children as well as developing the core leadership skills of the Windsor students.

Windsor Sixth Form and Business Centre

Our Sixth Form facilities are excellent. The teaching, study and social areas are university standard and provide the perfect learning environment for the large numbers of Windsor students who continue on to Sixth Form as well as those who join us in Year 12.

In addition to these teaching facilities, there is a spacious study area well equipped with computers, laptops and iPads for students to use to engage in their guided study. Sixth Form reception is housed in the study area; students have access to the Student Manager at all times for pastoral support, advice and guidance.

The Sixth Form has a large common room and situated in here is “Twenty Ten” staffed full time, serving food and a variety of drinks in a relaxed environment. For whole school use, the sports hall and superb fitness suite provide exceptional facilities for students to train, keep fit and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

In addition to our on-site provision, we have a unique facility in the heart of Halesowen, the Windsor Business Centre. This facility affords students the opportunity to work in a business environment which is equipped with state of the art IT and conferencing facilities.

Windsor Sixth Form actively encourages students to participate in the wide range of enrichment opportunities on offer to them. These opportunities are designed to allow students to develop skills and qualities in addition to their academic achievement. There are numerous leadership opportunities for the students including: Student Union, Student Ambassadors, Paired Readers and Sports Leaders. We aim to offer a range of social, leadership and academic enhancement opportunities through our enrichment programme.

The majority of Year 13 leavers successfully gain places at Russell group universities as well as a number of local universities. Students are well prepared to make their next step and continue their academic studies in a wide range of subject areas. For those that do not want to continue to University there is a range of guidance and support on alternatives including apprenticeships and work based training.

Windsor Academy Trust

We are the founder school in the Windsor Academy Trust (WAT), a network of primary and secondary schools that share a uniting philosophy.

Windsor Academy Trust was formed to improve the quality of education provision through the sharing of ideas and best practice amongst its schools. The Trust is clear that young people achieve their best in a climate of high expectations where teachers are motivated and empowered by a clear focus upon teaching and learning.

At WAT we combine a shared experience of primary and secondary schools and promote student and staff collaboration. This raises aspirations across a small family of schools united in their ethos and operation to achieve the very best for all our students.

The relationship has had a massive impact upon improving the quality of the Year 7 experience as we have so much detail from our primary partners, genuine continuity and real challenge can be provided.

The opportunities to develop skills and leadership for sixth form students are fantastic and exciting. So many Windsor Sixth Form students have not only gained experience and developed personally but their work and commitment has changed the lives of primary children in the Trust.

‘WAT is committed to achieving the highest quality of learning experience for all of its students and to achieving the best possible outcomes for them’.

Windsor High School
and Sixth Form